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Save time, streamline tasks, and focus on what truly matters. Welcome to a future of enhanced productivity!

See how Brighty AI skillfully responds to inquiries as an AI Assistant for Real Estate Agents.

By leveraging the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT, our team has created a customizable AI Assistant for business and personal needs. This AI assistant is designed to help streamline operations and increase productivity - allowing you to dedicate more time and attention to the things that matter most!

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Create AI Assistant ChatBots In Minutes

Our BrightyAI solution allows you to create a personalized chatbot in three simple steps

Step 1.
Upload Documents


Kick off the AI Assistant Chatbot creation process by uploading your essential business documents. Our advanced AI technology can process a wide variety of formats, including:

  • PDF

  • TXT

  • CSV

  • URLs 

  • And much more!

Our intelligent platform will analyze the content, context, and essential data from your documents to craft the foundation of your personalized AI Assistant Chatbot.  Whether it's FAQs, product information, or company policies, rest assured that your chatbot will be equipped with the right knowledge to serve your customers.


Step 2.
Customize Your Chatbot 


Once your documents are uploaded, it's time to tailor your chatbot to suit your unique business needs. Our user-friendly interface enables you to customize the chatbot's purpose, tone, response length, and more – ensuring a truly personalized experience for your customers.

Choose from a range of applications for your chatbot, such as:

  • Personal AI Assistant

  • Sales

  • Website Chatbot

  • Customer Support

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Social Media Management (coming soon)

With our platform, you can also define your chatbot's tone and response length to match your brand's voice and style. Opt for friendly, casual, professional, informative, or anything in between. Adjust response length to provide concise answers or more detailed explanations, depending on your audience's preferences.

Step 3.
Deploy Your Chatbot & Watch the Magic Happen

Congratulations!  Your AI Assistant is set and ready to work. Deploy it effortlessly and witness its transformative impact on customer engagement, time savings, and business growth.

Choose from two seamless deployment options: integrate the chatbot to your website with our step-by-step guide or let our team craft a custom landing page with your branding for a unique customer experience.

Experience the benefits of increased efficiency as your chatbot tackles time-consuming tasks, empowering your team to focus on strategy. Boost customer satisfaction with prompt, accurate responses, revel in 24/7 accessibility, and scale your business without overloading your team.

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Be Among the First to Experience the Future of AI Assistants!

Request early access to our groundbreaking AI Assistant solution and gain a competitive edge in customer engagement. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity – secure your spot today!

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