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Build custom AI chatbots trained on your data. 

Simple no-code solution. No credit card needed.

Build Your Free Chatbot

Try out our Brighty Chatbot below. 

Build your own custom AI chatbot in minutes. 

By leveraging the power of AI, our team has created a customizable AI Chatbot solution for business and personal needs designed to help streamline operations and increase productivity - allowing you to dedicate more time and attention to the things that matter most!


Brighty now connects with over 5,000 apps via 


Available in over 100 different languages

Step 1

Create a custom AI library.

Start by uploading your business documents, and our AI technology will analyze the content, context, and data to create your personalized AI Assistant Chatbot. Our platform supports various formats, including PDFs, TXTs, CSVs, URLs, and more. 

Step 2

Customize Your AI Chatbot 

Create and customize your chatbot with our user-friendly interface to tailor its tone, response length, purpose and more to your business needs. Choose from a range of applications such as personal AI assistant, sales, customer support, appointment scheduling, and website chatbot. Define your chatbot's tone and response length to match your brand's style and voice.

Step 3

Share your AI Chatbot

Share your AI chatbot effortlessly with one click. Boost engagement, save time, and grow your business. Customers enjoy 24/7 service and accurate responses. Scale your business without overloading your team. Start seeing the benefits today!

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More Features



Customize your AIs role, actions, personality, responses a more


White-label your AI

Customize your chatbot with logos, colors, fonts, and more


Top LLM Models

Powered by OpenAI GPT 3.5 Turbo, GPT 4, Claude, & Llama, 


Privacy & Security

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Connect with more than 5,000 applications by using Zapier.



Embed Brighty AI into your products and business


Have questions? We've got answers!

  • How do message credits work?
    Message credits are allocated to account for the number of message responses the bot creates per month. For example, if your plan includes 2,000 message credits, your chatbot can generate up to 2,000 message responses within a month.
  • How do character counts work?
    Character counts in our service refers to the total amount of characters that can be included in the knowledge base for each chatbot. For instance, with a character count of 10 million characters per chatbot, this equates to an average of around 1.7 million words. This count determines the extent of information that can be stored and retrieved by the chatbot to provide accurate and comprehensive responses to user queries.
  • How many chatbots can I have?
    The number of chatbots you can have depends on the subscription plan you choose. Here’s a breakdown of the chatbot allowance per plan: - Plan 1: Free: 1 chatbot - Plan 2: Basic ($29/mo): 3 chatbots - Plan 3: Basic ($49/mo): 5 chatbots - Plan 4: Basic ($99/mo): 10 chatbots - Plan 5: Basic ($399/mo): 40 chatbots Each plan is designed to cater to different usage and budget requirements. Whether you are just starting out or need multiple chatbots for different purposes or departments, you can choose a plan that suits your needs. If you require more chatbots than what's provided in the existing plans, you may contact our support team to discuss a custom plan.
  • When do my Message Credits reset?
    At the start of each billing cycle, your message credits will reset to the amount specified by your plan. This ensures you have a fresh set of message credits to use for your chatbots' responses in the new billing period.
  • What is an LLM Chatbot and how can it benefit my business?
    An LLM (Language Model) Chatbot is an AI-driven chat assistant that leverages advanced language processing models to understand and respond to user queries. By employing models like ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo, ChatGPT 4, Llama 2, or Claude 2, your business can offer real-time, accurate, and personalized responses to customer inquiries. This enhances customer engagement, reduces response time, and can potentially increase conversion rates by providing immediate assistance and information to visitors.
  • What types of files can I upload to create a customized chatbot?
    You can upload various types of files including: - PDF - DOCX - XLS/XLSX - PPT/PPTX - TXT - CSV - RTF
  • What are the integrations available with other software or platforms?
    We provide an API key for integrating with Zapier, allowing you to connect our chatbot service with thousands of other applications and automate workflows, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of your operations.
  • How does website crawling help in chatbot customization?
    Website crawling is a process where the chatbot scans through your website’s content to gather information and understand the context and services of your business. This information is then utilized to respond accurately to user queries, making the chatbot more informative and useful to your website visitors.
  • What is Brighty AI and what does it do?
    Brighty AI is a cloud-based subscription service that combines AI LLM Models with your business data to create a tailored AI Assistant Chatbot for you and your business. By incorporating data from your website, knowledge bases, and documents, Brighty AI enables LLMs to address inquiries and execute various tasks. This results in a specialized AI chatbot that comprehends your business's products, services, and clientele, enhancing customer support, engagement, lead generation, and knowledge management.
  • How quickly can I set up a chatbot using your platform?
    Setting up a chatbot on our platform is quick and straightforward. With our intuitive interface and document upload feature, you can have your chatbot up and running in a matter of minutes.
  • How can an AI chatbot help in enhancing customer interactions on my website?
    AI chatbots provide real-time responses, reducing the wait time for customers. It can handle multiple queries simultaneously, ensuring that every visitor receives timely assistance. The chatbot is designed to provide personalized responses based on the data and customization provided, thereby improving the overall customer interaction and satisfaction on your website.
  • How does the chatbot handle multiple languages?
    Our chatbot can handle multiple languages by editing the base prompt to respond in the language the question is being asked in. This ensures a seamless interaction for users from different linguistic backgrounds.
  • What kind of customization is available for the aesthetics of the chatbot?
    Customers have the freedom to customize the chatbot's aesthetics to align with their brand identity. This includes editing logos, colors, and base questions, allowing for a more personalized and branded user experience.
  • How secure is my data when using your service?
    We prioritize data security and host our services on Digital Ocean, known for its robust security measures. Digital Ocean employs various security protocols to ensure data integrity and protection against unauthorized access. Your data is securely stored and processed to ensure the highest level of security.
  • How does the document upload feature work in creating a customized chatbot?
    Our document upload feature allows you to tailor the chatbot to your specific needs by uploading documents that the chatbot can learn from. Once uploaded, the system processes and extracts information from these documents to enhance the chatbot’s knowledge base, making it more resourceful and aligned with your business's information and terminology.
  • I'm not tech-savvy. Can I simply upload my documents and create the bot?
    Yes, you can effortlessly build your bot by uploading documents using the provided upload button, with no IT support necessary.
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